·     Parents are requested to co-operate with the Chairman, Principal and Staff to ensure effective functioning of the school and the well being of their wards.
·       In the interest of the child’s future, it is very essential for him / her to imbibe self- discipline. The teacher will take adequate corrective measures
·      To ensure the general of the class under her/ his care. The teacher’s efforts will bear fruit only with adequate positive inputs from the parents.
·     Our School strongly discourages private tuitions. The teaching programme in the school is good enough for the students to perform well, provided they are attentive in the class and realize their responsibilities. The habit of self- study regularity must be encouraged at home.
·       Parents are requested to see that some amount of regular English conversation takes place at home.
·       Entry is forbidden for parents and visitors beyond the School Reception Area. Parents are strictly forbidden to go to any class or to the teaching areas without the permission and sanction of the school authorities.
·     Parents should keep in mind that as co – educators of the child, it is very essential to observe the dress code when they are coming to the school.
·       Parents should ensure that their wards are regular in studies and allied assignments.
·       Healthy and nutritious food should be packed for tiffin along with a napkin.
·       In case you need, any help from school / Principal, regarding the well – being of your ward please, do not hesitate to communicate.
·       It is very important that changes in residence/Office address and telephone numbers be communicated in writing to the office, immediately, whenever they occur.
·      Parents are requested to see that their ward does not bring home anything from the school without the teacher’s knowledge, and if so send it back the very next day and inform the teacher.