Project work in every subject is a part of the syllabus / curriculam from std I to std XII. Parents are advised to ensure that the students take these assignemnt seriously and submit for evalution on the specified dated mentioned in the school diary.

  • Relevant books, neatly covered should be brought as per the time-table.
  • The school diary is to kept with utmost care and brought to school every day. No page from it should be destroyed or smudged.
  • The personal information page should be carefully filled in by parents at the beginning of the academic session.
  • Students must bring to the notice of their parents / guardians any communication / notes given by the teacher and get it countersigned. Entries by parents / Guardians should also be shown to the teacher.
  • Parents are expected to check their wards’s school diary every day and take care that the lessons and homework assigned to them are completed and sign without fail.